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FOR KIDS - have a go at designing your own glass tumbler or coaster. We provide loads of stickers that you use to create your own design and then watch as Kevin sandblasts each design onto your chosen glass - ready to take home with you - a great gift for someone special or just for yourself.

FOR ADULTS - Join us for one of our workshops where you can learn how to cut and engrave or sandblast your own designs onto glassware. Create something unique for someone special or for yourself. Learn how to create beautiful items with cutting wheels and sandblasting techniques.

Whatever your age, whatever your interest in being creative with glass, we're sure you'll enjoy designing and making your own individual glass and learning techniques to make the most of your own creativity.

You can often just drop in and have a go and we welcome you to do so, but if you'd like to plan a session for yourself, with family or friends or as a group please get in touch.

You can book parties by calling or emailing us: Email Us Today

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