Engraving...   ...cutting and personalisation...

Carl Palmer, One of the country's most renowned engravers of crystal can be seen most days working on his latest commisions here at Kevin Barry Crystal - from a single whisky glass for someone special featuring a design that will mean a great deal to the recipient to a full set of tournament awards with individualised images carved into the glass with copper wheels in the finest detail, Carl creates beautiful works of art on a truly personal scale. Once seen, never forgotten and always desired!

Alongside Carl's engraving prowess you'll also find Kevin expertly cutting a range of designs into a wide selection of glassware, again, to create distinctive unique pieces for all kinds of events and occasions. Whatever you can imagine you can own with the help of Carl and Kevin.

Call in sometime soon and see us at work in our shop and studio at Ruskin Glass Centre in Amblecote, Stourbridge.

We can't possibly show everything on this site so if you see something you like or have a specific requirement that we could help you with please get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Traditional Glassware by Kevin Barry Crystal engraved glass from Kevin Barry Crystal